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Shubha Bahadur [Update on 2007-01-10]
Courtesy: Narendra Raj Prasai, Nepali Sangeetka Shikhar 3162 views 0 Comments

Translation By : Dipti Sherchan

"" “Parkhi Basey Aula Bhani Mero Uthney Palo” is one track that still reverberates in the homes of countless Nepalis. One of the most popular tracks those days and for some, even now, Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal had lent his voice to the joint composition of Shubha Bahadur and Sambhujeet Baskota under the name of ShubhaSambhujeet. Initially, when this was aired the credit of composing the music was given to both ShubhaSambhujeet but with time, Shubha Bahadur’s name has not been mentioned as frequently. Why? No one knows!
Shubha Bahadur is one of the very finest musicians that we have in our country. He is equally a very good human being as well, a the personal favorite to many! He had first recorded a song on his own composition when he was just 20 years old. Previously, he only sang to the compositions done by him but with time, he started composing music for others as well. He has composed music for almost 200 numbers sung by others and on the other hand, in his compositions there are roughly 400 numbers. He has also composed music for round about 10 tele-serials and seven movies.
He was born on Poush 21, 2005 BS in Chetrapati, Kathmandu to Dil Baharu Sunam and Gauri Sunam. He has two brothers -- Geyhendra Bahadur Sunam and Ganesh Pariyar – he being the youngest. His father was a captain of the then Royal Nepal Army as well as an accomplished bandmaster. Shubha Bahadur had also joined the army at his father’s insistance while he was very young. He was only 14 years old then! After four years, he was promoted to the rank of a Sipahi. With time, he became Hawaldar and then on Jamdar, Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Coronal. He served the then Royal Nepal Army in their music department as a mahasenani. However, he never stopped composing music for modern songs regardless of his work and position.
Shubha Bahadur married Shanta Sunam in 2024 BS. They have two sons and two daughters. Both his sons -- Ishwor and Dinesh -- serve at the Nepal Army and their designations are Jamdar and Subedar respectively.
His education suffered a setback though since he had joined the army at a young age but managed to complete class ten. However, he is a guru when it comes to teaching music to others. There are many who have learned music from him. He has also completed a four year course in music from Music College, India. During that time, he had also appeared and passed his exam of Saxophone from Triniti College of London, LTCL. He did his exam from Mumbai.
He has traveled to various places of Nepal taking his music along with him. He is considered to be very good in almost all instruments including the madal, harmonium, guitar, sarangi, violin, saxophone, keyboard, clarinet, flute and piano. Even Natikaji took his suggestions and advise when it came to music. Be it in a folk song or a modern number or even pop for that matter, his compositions are still talked about in the music circles. For his devotion and contribution to Nepali music, he has been honored with Su Prabal Gorkha Dakchin Bahu and Chinnalata Puraskar. He has also been awarded with a gold medal by Radio Nepal for his contributions to the overall development of Nepali music..

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