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Illegal Parking  [Updated on 2011-01-12]
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Kathmandu is growing very fast, which means more people and wheels on the road, and houses budding everywhere. In this city it has been intricate to find a nice space, either for living, or building a house, or even parking. Wherever you go - in the post office, hospital, temple, Bank or cinema, police office or immigration office, or even at the market, people are always complaining about the parking problem. Urbanized Kathmandu has different illegal parkingproblems, which nobody seems to bother thinking.


However, wild parking at the extended roads and footpaths has left people a worried lot. Not only in front of shops, but dwellers near sidewalks are also equally disturbed by the parked taxis and trucks. Vehicles parked along the sidewalks often lead to traffic snarls in the area. Vehicle owners, however, say the local authorities have not arranged for an appropriate parking space in the Kathmandu area. The problem has occurred as there is no sufficient official parking space here.


The other frustrating fact about parking in Kathmandu, an annoying trouble is the difficulty to find parking place in the congested traffic area, most of which are no-parking zones. As far as the traffic police are concerned ,it is praiseworthy for their initiative against the illegal parking but ,they are too reluctant to look at the real problems. It is evident that such illegal parking lots in many cases are a trouble for the smooth running of traffic. Anyway, we have to park our vehicles, but there you see plenty of no parking zones. Or even if you find the parking area, they do not promise security. The riders and drivers are on the mess which no one seems to solve.

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