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Rekha Shah (In Her Own Words)  [Updated on 2009-09-11]
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I was born on 24th Magh in Dhading, Dhuwakot-4, Ratmate. I remember when I was a child I was very ‘simple’. I was quite different from my brothers – Sanjay and Rahul. I was quiet and soft spoken  and I still think that I am so. I did not like any kind of violence and aggressiveness at any level.
I didn’t really think that one day I would be a singer. When I was in school, I used to sing during annual events. My teachers and friends used to encourage me. They said that I should be a singer because I had a beautiful voice. At that time I used to take it as just recreation. I didn’t think that someday it would be my career. I came to Kathmandu to give voice test at Radio Nepal to be a modern singer. Also at that time on the auspicious occasion of Radio Nepal’s anniversary, they were organizing a Nepali folk song competition. I filled the participating form and stood first. At that time it felt as if I was on top of the world. Why wouldn’t it feel, I was just fourteen and more importantly the song – ‘Simsime Panima’ (the song I sang in the competition), from my own collection having my own words was a big hit. Still one and half decades later I still find that song being played during many functions. Every time I hear that song in functions and find people humming it, I feel very proud. At that time I didn’t hope that “Simsime Panima” would be such a historical achievement not only for me but the entire Nepalese musical industry.
Simsime Panima” was the song which gave me the courage to pursue my career in music. But, when it seemed that everything was going fine I fell ill. I suffered for many years from a heart disease, palpitation more precisely. Despite being in physical agony I launched a few albums in order to give a new taste to the Nepali musical industry, but they could not reach the heights that I had initially expected. When I recovered I was no more a girl but a woman.
There were several ups and downs in my singing career. However I dedicated some of my musical albums to Nepalese supporters and lovers. I always believed in music not having any country, language, caste and criteria. So, I thought of releasing a new album for all age groups comprising many musical fields. I started learning classical music from Late Ram Thapa, with a belief that I could give my best. I continued learning classical music with Gurudev Kamat and I still do. Its been three years since I started it and with all my effort and my teachers for the last couple of years, I have brought forward a new album – “The Line”.
The music arrangers of “The Line” are Phadendra Rai, Maha Raj Thapa and Norvu Sherpa. I hope the album will help uplift the Nepalese music industry because it includes eastern, western and folk style. I have music videos of some of my songs, directed by some famous persons from the l field like "Ma Pani Aaunchhu ...." by Bhusan Dahal, "Pokhun Bhanae ...." by Alok Nemang and "Timilai Kehi Hudai Na Hos" by Suraj Singh Thakuri. I would like to thank Music Nepal for marketing. I am very glad that I have been the last singer to sing the last song composed by Late Ram Thapa himself – “Chhati Bhari Timrai Maya ….”
Keeping in mind that everyone has some responsibility towards the society I have dedicated this album against all the sufferings of Nepalese women. I feel this initiative will help to uplift the living standards of many women in our community who are being deprived of their rights and tortured in many aspects. I would like to thank everyone who helped me bring forth this album especially Mr. Bhupendra Khadka to release this album, for his immense support. I am hopeful the listeners will like this album. I really have worked hard and if you have any comments feel free to share. There might be many flaws in my work and I will try to eliminate them in my future presentations. Thank you!

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