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Santosh lama  [Updated on 2011-05-25]
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Born to Surendra Lama and Bishnu Maya Lama at Khatripauwa, Naubise 4 Dhading, Santosh Lama is one of the versatile young crops of the town. Nepali Tara Santosh Lama is now in the industry with his first solo album ‘Batuwa’. Singer with a blessed voice, he started his career from stage performance, later on Santosh went on to participate in First Nepali Tara but couldn’t even reach to top ten. With sheer determination, he again participated in the second Nepali Tara and finally won the title. Today, we’ve Santosh Lama in our Frankly Speaking segment.
Dharmendra Sewan
We are good buddies from the first Nepali Tara. Santosh, Tara Laxman and I were the room partner during the top twenty round of that reality show. Santosh is very fun loving guy. Every time when I am with him, I find a positive vibes. He has a great potential. I feel like, Santosh could be one of the finest singer in the long term. He has classic knowledge of music. I consider him as a good person rather than first thinking about him as a singer. As for his nature, I don't think there is anyone else who is capable of making and keeping a relationship in friendship than him. On his first album "Batuwa" he has tried to present new patterns and he has succeed in doing so and I believe that in the future, he will be doing even better.
Bijaya Lama
I have known Santosh right from the time when he was a participant of Nepali Tara reality show but it was only during our musical tour that we become even closer. He respects me as a brother. Though he is younger than me, our relationship is that of musical friends. We’ve been together in musical tour and I have found him very humble and very jolly. As far as his music is concerned, he still has a long way to go and has to make some adjustments here and there as well. ‘Santosh Bhai’ is a person with an open heart. He has a very good habit of talking about everything openly; joking with everybody and respecting each and every person. I am not lying, but I haven’t found anything bad about him.
Sasi Rawal
I repeatedly tell him and others that I am his first fan. I can’t explain but I just like the way he sing. We used to take a musical class together and I was so impressed with his singing capabilities. He is a versatile singer. As a person, he keeps cracking jokes all the time. He is so easy going person. Everyone could adjust with his nature. He has a passion for music and he adores his profession very much. He is that type of guy who loves his friends from his heart. He is always ready to help his friend. Friendship means every thing for him. Musically, I think that he is still in his learning phase. As for his negative aspect, there is nothing to mention at the moment.
Kalyan Singh
We have work together in his first album ‘Batuwa’. I have been very impressed by this singing ability. With time, he has become far more serious which is evident from listening to his latest songs.  His vocal capability has increased significantly than before. Personally, Santosh is very down to earth in nature. He always respects his elder. He is a god gifted and at the same time learned singer. This combination will take him to the height. He has done an incredible job in his first album. He’s fantastic human being and moreover, he has got inborn talent. The good thing about santosh is he accepts both the best and the worst part of his work. His craziness, passion and interest for music are amazing.

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