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Kalyan Singh  [Updated on 2011-04-28]
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Life have always has music. In fact, silent life is never silent. There is always music. One of the foremost talents in music today, composer Kalyan Singh has scored an impressive number of features in virtually every genre, all with strikingly original music. Sanjaya Chaudhary’s “Timi Aayau” showcases the composer’s seminal upbringing; Koshis’s “Ramri Ramri ketiharulai” display his attention to deatil; to the heart pounding rhythms of sufi with Hemanta Rana and Rock and Chill out music with Nima Rumba are all evidence of his willingness to experiment. These scores are enough to embody the work of this prolific composer. For this time, we have Kalyan Singh, a very endowed and creative composer for frankly speaking segment.
Sanjaya Chaudhary

Kalyan Singh is very gifted composer. Due to his young age, he can feel the demand of young generation. His compositions are characterized by his own style and we can find the intense flow of tune in his every composition. Nature wise, he is very down to earth and very helpful. He has this habit of putting his mind and soul into what he is doing. Of this generation; I think, Kalyan Singh is the professional composer highly demanded in music industry. Every one would like to include his composition. He always respect to his senior writers and don’t be back ever to help the juniors if they ask for idea.


Raju Singh

I am very proud of my brother Kalyan. Kalyan is very shy in nature. He speaks quite less. I know Kalyan is one of the most demanded composers in the music industry with in short length of time. But, he never does the things for instant fame. He always focuses to make some differences in his composition. Beside composer, he first is a good listener. He has the collection of different music. Even sometimes, I got those things from him if needed. I am not saying all those just because he’s my own brother but I see his future in music is very brilliant. As a brother also, he always respect his elders. Not in case of Kalyan only, in our family, evens our father and me myself speaks quite less. Our family is very reserved and so the Kalyan is in some extent. I want him to socialize and be little bit frank with people. Because, this industry’s most important requirement is, we should adjust and make comfortable ourself with situation.


Krishna Limbu

Kalyan is very comfortable chap. Music industry makes us very close friend. I am one of his true fans. I really like his varieties in composition. He just first play with chords and do compose according to the capabilities of singer. He is multi talented musician. People might be unknown about his singing capabilities. I really want Kalyan to be a singer as well in future. He’s got soothing voice. I don’t understand why he is not emphasizing his singing career. I feel, he could be a great composer with his ability and guts.

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