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seema sangraula  [Updated on 2011-01-05]
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Nepali music industry is bursting with new talented singers. Here again, a neseemaw female singer, “Seema Sangraula” had debuted in the industry with her first album “Note”. Seema’s new video was also aired in the media. She spent her entire childhood days at Dharan. She is liked and loved by most within the music industry fraternity for her friendly and jovial nature.Below are some of the opinions shared with us on Seema and her music…. 

Sanoop Poudel (Singer)

She is very goosanoopd human being, very emotional at the same time. She has done an incredible job in her first album. She’s fantastic human being and moreover, she has got inborn talent. Seema is a very understanding person. She accepts both the best and the worst part of her work. Her craziness, passion and interest for music are amazing. She’s much younger than me but I found the label which meets my thoughts.  I don’t see any negative attitude in Seema, rather I found her very helpful. The most important part that I like about Seema is her voice tone. Of course Seema is a good singer but it would be better if she improves on diction. For this, she could do a self practice which later on enhances her singing standard. Anyway, I wish her all the best for her musical career. 


Phursang Lama (Singer/Best friend)

Seema at first and foremost is genuinely a good person and she sincerely believes inphursang helping people. We shared a lot about our singing career. We joke a lot and she is very close friend of mine. She does not hesitate to disagree with something if she does not like it. She is very fun loving girl and straight forward. Sometimes, she is more tensed about her career and expresses her anxiety but I believe, she has all the qualities of being a successful artist in the long run. As an artist, I find her very spontaneous. She can catch the tune very fast.  Soft melody and pop songs suits her perfectly for her vocal capabilities. With her first album, she is doing very well and being considered as a good singer among the present youngsters.


Hemanta Rana (Singer)

Our relationshiphemanta starts, when we both met during the preparation of her first venture. We are close now as a friend than as an artist. As far as I know, Seema is a very good friend and so down to earth in nature. she doesn’t have any superior attitude for being a singer. I personally took her as a very versatile new female singer. Her innocence in a singing is the best part that I like most. She’s one of the more powerful singer from whom I had a lot of hope and expectation. As a friend, I want her not to leave her own stand and try to bring more maturity in singing.


Kali Prasad Baskota (Composer/Lyricist) kali prasad

i did work with Seema during her first album. There is my solo composition and lyrics in her first venture, and the duration of ten month was really awesome. I found her so passionate about music. I found, her style is pop and ballad but the album consist a variation in composition. She can catch the melody very fast. She realizes song before singing and her voice tone is very fine. Now, we are very close as a brother and sister.  Talking about her drawbacks, I can't think of anything! There is always room for improvement. I wish her all the best for everything. 


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