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Amrit Chettri  [Updated on 2010-09-30]
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Amrit Chettri is gifted with amazing vocal abilities and good knowledge of music. He took the music class from oacne of the prominent bollywood playback singer “Suresh Wadkar”. Amrit Chettri, a young, aspiring and amazing singer who had made the crowd take a notice with his debut album “Arrival”. "Tyo din kahile aayana jogi", included in his first album was one of the popular songs in the music industry.Now, again he is back with his another musical Pandora titled ''SOMEONE’’ fusion with eastern and western style. It opens with the track "Mero antim ichha", the one that has already become a favorite. The music video of this song has also been aired which was directed by Prasanna Poudel.
Amrit has got a soulful voice. His songs are always nice and have the potential of becoming a favorite since it grows on everyone after every hearing. Amrit is characterized as a very decent, soft spoken and one of the most loved persona in the industry. Below are some of the opinions shared with us on the man and his music….

Sanoop Poudel (singer)

I met Amrit at Do Re Mi mussanoopic school and the first meet was pretty good. At that time, Amrit was not associated with this industry. As far as I know him, he is gentle and very polite.  He is a good person and a good singer. I have found him to be very cheerful. He has never done any wrong to me or in front of me. He respects his seniors. As an artist, I find him to be flawless in what he does. He has a classical base for which shall take him to the long way. His vocal tone and singing style is amazing. I see him improving a lot and I am sure that he will definitely understand a lot.


Reshma Sunuwar (pop singer)reshma

The way he sings his songs, the depth in his vocal is tremendously nice. I consider him a very good singer. His voice quality is excellent. It has depth. He is very down to earth. He had got lot knowledge of music and he shares that with us also. He is good looking, so sometimes I suggest him for a movie. Sometimes what I think, Amrit is too much loyal. Over all, Amrit has got those all things which is needed to be a star. I am his well-wisher and I wish him luck throughout his career in music.


Swaroop raj Acharya (singer)swaroop

I consider him as my most loveable brother. He always respects the elders. Amrit is that kind of singer who really goes deep within the words and gets the true feel while singing. It may be because he has a good knowledge of music. He is like our family member.. He is very serious and passionate about music. Amrit sung one song that was made for me and he did that well than me. So, he has a good future in playback singing as well.  I’ve always been his well wisher and I wish him all the best for his musical career.


Hemanta Sharma (singer)h s
We share a very good relationship. He is more like brother to me than musician. He has got the music knowledge in a proper way. He is always eager to learn new things and at the same time shares a lot what he knows. I find him loyal, humble and genuine. Personally, I expect a lot from him in this industry. I find his songs very strong and powerful. I wish him all the best for his good future.

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