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Yam Baral  [Updated on 2007-11-13]
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For a young lad from Ilam, Yam Baral certainly has come a long way in establishing his credentials as one of the most enduring singers in the music industry today. A veteran of more than a decade of successful years with one successful album after another, he surely is a name to reckon with when we speak of 'Adhunik' music. He set his foot in the industry with his first big hit, 'Badalu Ko Ghumtole' followed by 'Nisturile Chadera Gai Hale' and then on there was no stopping him... giving us one hit after another. He is still one of the most sought after singers in spite of the popularity of pop music taking over. Below are some of the opinions on the man and his music.
Sanjay Baral (Nephew, RJ @ Image FM)
Personally speaking, I like his music. I have heard from people associated with music that he is a versatile artist and I totally agree with that. I am not saying this just because I am one of the family members. I am saying it from a listener's point of view.
Since we are of the same age, we are more like friends. When I was studying in class seven, he had completed his SLC studies. From day one of his career in music, I have found him to be a very dedicated artist. He does not speak much because of which, many people in the industry consider him to be rather arrogant. Actually, that is not the fact. Once he gets to know people well, he gets along with them pretty well. It is just that it takes time for him to open up. Well, the negative aspect of this person is that he has a pathetic memory. While he was studying at RR Campus, he once borrowed my bicycle to go to college and he later came back home without it. He lost it! As an artist, I think it would do him a world of good, if he moves according to the current trends.  
Ram Krishna Dhakal (Artist)
I consider him a very good playback and modern singer. His voice quality is excellent. It has depth! I have known him for the past 15 years and he is more like a family to me than a fellow artist. To be termed as a good singer, the person should not only have good voice but at the same time, he should have the ability to move according to the times and should have good song choices. I know people stating him as a proud person, which is actually not true. However, to erase the misconception and the image, he should do something about it. He should treat everyone equally! I have heard people saying that Yam and I share an unhealthy relation and this is just not true. Since we are in the same field, people think that we compete against each other, but the fact is that we are great buddies. I think there should be healthy competition between artists so that they do better in music and we also definitely have a healthy competition going on. I am his well-wisher and I wish him luck throughout his career in music. These days, we don't meet often because of our own hectic schedules.
Kiran Kadel (Friend & Composer)
We have known each other since we were in class nine. During that period, I used to play the flute and he used to sing songs. He has a perfect singing voice! He is a kind of person who lives for the present without clinging on to his past and thinking about what will happen in the future. Someone who likes to improve and reach even greater heights are able to digest this habit. However, this very manner might portray negative impressions on the remaining lot. I have also found him to be a person who has good relations with everyone around.  
Aakriti Baral (Wife)
I think it is only natural for me to like his music. Initially I didn't listen to his songs much. May be teenagers wouldn't be much interested in his music. But after certain age or time people tend to start liking his music. He's a very good husband. He's helpful and very frank to those who are close with him. What I don't like about him is that he's bit reserved and opens up only with certain people. Talking about his music, he needs to focus more on his promotions. But I like him for what he is.
Satya & Swaroop Acharya (Close Friends & Musicians)
We'd like to define him as a prominent singer of Nepal. He's been working hard for our modern music. We are also very close to him personally. We are more like a family friend and he has even sung on two of our music compositions. That gave us the opportunity to realize his singing range, his musical feelings. As composers, we now know what kind of songs he can do justice to. Though he's a versatile singer he sounds even better in romantic songs, not to forget that his sentimental numbers are also equally successful. He's also a good playback singer as he has a bold voice. We'd say he's a singer with very good range. Talking about him as a person, in these many years of our relationship we can proudly state that he is a great human being. He likes to joke a lot and is a funny guy though he seems to be serious sometimes. He respects senior artists and loves the younger ones. Talking about his drawbacks, I haven't found anything as such but there's something he needs to be aware of. There are some songs in which some words should be taken very softly as a whisper but he sings it very openly. Singing open is a good plus point for a singer but it sometimes can be a drawback while doing different kinds of songs. As a person we haven't found anything negative in him so far!

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