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Suresh Kumar  [Updated on 2007-11-13]
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Suresh Kumar, often referred to as 'Mr. Melancholy' in the Nepali Music Industry, is one musician who many feel has not received the accolades that he most certainly deserves. Based in the scenic town of Darjeeling, he is already a cult figure in his home town and the surrounding districts including places like Sikkim and Dehradun, not to mention his popularity here in Nepal. As for his fan following, you can bet that they stretch right from New York to Tokyo. A big fan of Kishore Kumar, Suresh Daju, as most loving call him, was at one time second to only Narayan Gopal in terms of popularity. Having taken up music 'as just a hobby' initially, he now says, quote unquote "Music for me is a friend during my loneliness and medicine for a broken heart." Besides being one of the most accomplished musician, he is equally acknowledged for his abilities as a composer and lyricist. Son of a retired British Army Officer, he has been married for the past 23 years and has two sons. Photography and painting being his other passions, people close to him confirm that he is a fantastic cook as well, not to mention his other abilities such as mimicry and a hand or two in magic tricks. Below are some of the opinions on the multi-talented personality named Suresh Kumar.

Ram Krishna Dhakal

We have known each other for the past 16 years. He's one of my favorite singers. We have done shows together in Darjeeling, Sikkim and other places on numerous occasions. It was sometime during the time when my album 'Ashirbaad' was popular there. He was a very popular figure back there in Darjeeling. Everyone had his albums at home. I first heard his album 'Love Song' and was very impressed. His other album 'Zindagi' was awesome as well. We often sing his songs at our get-togethers. He's not only a good singer but a good writer and a good composer too. He's popular among the music circle but the sad thing is he has not yet received the popularity here in Nepal that he truly deserves. I feel very bad about that. I don't understand why people cannot relate to and understand a very talented and good musician like him. He's been contributing to our music for such a long period. When we listen to his songs we do not find a single fault in them. I think it's because of weak marketing that his albums were not so popular or may be he wasn't here to promote them himself. I've known him to be a good human being. I haven't found anything negative about him in so many years of knowing him relatively closely. He's a funny guy and also knows some magic tricks. I wish him all the best for his up coming ventures.


Satya/Sworoop Acharya (Artists)

Besides being a good lyricist, composer as well as a fantastic singer, Suresh Kumar is also a very good magician! He also does great fine arts and cooks extremely well. He is also a good mimicking artist. He's got amazing talents. We are his ultimate fans! He is a very friendly person and whenever we seek for any advices, he is always ready to help us out. He can mix up well with all people regardless of their age and stature! There isn't a single negative aspect in him but he just can't say no to anyone. This characteristic of his is something, which can be tagged as negative. That is it!


Nima Rumba (Artist)

He is a melodious and a 'soft' singer. I like the way he sings! His lyrics are simple, everyone can understand it easily and at the same time, it is very touchy. Of all his albums, I loved his first album the most. It was in 1996 that we had had a program together in Kalimpong. Before this show itself, we became very close to each other. He is soft spoken, co-operative and a very friendly person. People need to change according to the times and this is obvious. When I compare his other albums to his first, I would still say that his first album was outstanding. In his latter albums, he had changed his music and the arrangements were also done differently. I think change to some certain extent is great but drastic changes sometimes don't necessarily work out for everybody. Personally, I have, as I said, loved his first album therefore I think while doing other albums, he should have stuck to his originality to some extent. He should have maintained it! Otherwise a fantastic singer as well as a great and out!


Joheb Manandhar (Singer)

He is a famous singer but very few know him personally. He is not much of a 'media man' and does not like being in the limelight but there is no doubt that he has a huge fan following. As far as I am concerned, it certainly won't be an exaggeration to state that he is a legendry singer. He hardly has any music videos to his credit but he has many good songs which are very popular. I am one of his greatest fans. We share a friendly relationship and I have not only learnt a lot in singing from him but a whole lot of other things as well. This is the era of showbiz and we have been telling him time and again to make music videos. Finally, he is considering making one, which is good news for sure! He should regularly be featured in various media. He deserves it! He is helpful and a multi-talented person. He is not only an excellent musician but also fine artist. I always wish the best for him!


Uday Sotang

I have known him for ages. He's a nice human being, a thorough gentleman, well educated, soft spoken, very friendly, kind and loveable. He's got such a soothing voice. He has the ability to compose good music that fit perfectly well with the lyrics. I have been in contact with him a lot and I've found him to be very energetic. He doesn't stay idle. He's not only a good musician but a multi talented personality. He's got a very good handwriting and he's also a very good painter, not to forget he's equally a good photographer as well. He plays pool very well, in fact he's a pool champion! He is good at caricature too. He's a magician as well and it's very easy to pass time with him. He knows a lot of card's trick but surprisingly he never wins when we play cards sometime while we jam up. He drinks occasionally but never gets drunk. But the most amazing characteristic in him is that he never gets angry. His bad aspect however, is that he can't differentiate between the good and the bad. He always is very receptive to everybody and this nature of his, sometimes turn out to be a bad experience. Another bad aspect is he can't say no to anyone. He is simply a great human being. My best wishes for him in whatever he does in the future!! 

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