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Dharmendra Sewan  [Updated on 2007-11-13]
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First runner up of Nepali Tara, Dharmendra Sewan, has come a long way. After Nepali Tara was over, he released his debut album 'The Second' and people did like what he had to offer to music listeners. Songs on it like "Ranga Ranga" among others did really well in the market and this not only introduced him to the mass but also garnered him immense respect from his peers as well as people from the music circles. The Music industry of Nepal has now accepted him as not just a fine singer with amazing potential, they love him for his simplicity and down-to-earth nature. Below are some opinions and thoughts expressed on the man and his music.
Deepak Limbu (Winner - Nepali Tara)
Initially we were competitors at Nepali Tara and now we have become very good buddies. I like the way he sings. When the top ten for Nepali Tara were selected, everyone as in all the participants used to praise his voice. Dharmendra is not only a fine singer but at the same time, he is also a good lyricist and composer. He is no doubt a multi-talented person! Musically, everything is fine with Dharmendra but I believe it would serve him even better if he goes for classical music training for at least four years.
Until now, whatever that he is doing in music, he is doing all by himself without any training as such. Now, I do hope that if he goes for formal trainings then it would be great for his career in music. I am sure that he will reach even greater heights if he goes for some classes in music. These days, we have not been meeting often as we used to do due to our schedules but I do wish him luck and happiness throughout his life. Dharmendra's debut album 'The Second' did even better than mine and I am seriously happy for him.
Suraj Shrestha (VJ & Music Video Director)
Firstly, I would like to point out that Dharmendra is a very good human being. He has no ego problems or pride as such. In today's time, we have so many good artists and I like to put Dharmendra right at the top three positions. He has great potential but I think that until now, he has not done songs which truly justify his true potential in music. Be it Nepali, English or Hindi numbers, Dharmendra sings equally well. He has no formal education in music but his experience in music has really taught him well and is doing well for his career. At times, I do feel sad when I realize that he still does not have songs, which in its true sense can introduce him to the mass and his potential as an artist. I think his weakness is that he can't express himself.
Alok Shree (Musician, Proprietor, Sur Taal Music)
He is a versatile singer. He has all the qualities that a good artist should possess. He is open and a frank person. He respects people and has no ego problems at all. The way he sings is good but I still think that he would sound better if he goes deep into it. As a singer, he is still not mature. I don't know whether to term it as his weakness but every time he is in such a hurry to get his work done. He should have patience!  Music requires patience and he should think about this. When one does something that is open for criticisms, people might like the work, people might not like the work. There are always ups and downs in the music field and I think Dharmendra should be well aware about this. When things don't go according to his plans, he has this habit of being down and low. He should accept the fact and move ahead. He is a bit ambitious as well.
Anu Sewan (Elder sister)
He is very good at home. He has been putting his heart and soul into his music and one thing, which I really like about him is that he is serious in what he does. He has three sisters and he treats everyone equally. He takes comments positively. I do like his music, especially his voice. In my point of view, he is a good singer and I think that he can do justice to each and every pattern of songs.
I am not very aware of his negative characteristics but one thing, which I have noticed is that when things don't go according to his plans, he becomes sad and is a different person altogether. During these times, he just becomes like 'dead silent'. I wish my brother luck and happiness…always.
DJ Santosh
I have known him even before he participated at Nepali Tara. Once in my studio, he was recording a song. During that time, Karna Das was also present. Listening to his songs, I as well as Karna Das got goose bumps…he is that good!
I feel that he can go much further…personally I think that he should have become the Nepali Tara. The way he sings his songs, the depth in his vocal and the way he sings it is extremely nice. He sings like a pro…as if he has been in the industry for a long time though he is just new! He has the potential and I think he can and should reach even greater heights but this is simply not happening due to which I think Dharmendra himself is not satisfied with the outcome. He has the caliber and I believe he can do well to any genre of songs that he chooses to do.
These days, we are working together in a project. I am sure that this particular song that we are doing together is going to do well for his career commercially. Many times, we discuss on how to move ahead career wise. I am helping him in whatever way I can to make his songs commercially successful. These days, Dharmendra is into pop and alternative rock, which is good but there is still much more to come from him. Overall, he is a good person.

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